The Wish in the Mall

He sat at a table with his mom and ate his kid’s meal as fast as possible. Since they had walked in, the boy had not looked away from the big fountain in the middle of the food court for more than a few seconds. He finished all the chicken nuggets and French fries on his tray and asked his mom for a coin so he could make a wish.

He had his wish all picked out, and he recited it in his head over and over again, so that it was perfect. His mom handed him a nickel, and he walked to the fountain.

“I wish I can be a famous soccer player and play in the World Cup someday,” he muttered on a loop as he walked.

The fountain’s water glistened in the sunlight, and he paused for a moment. This is stupid, he thought. I already know I’m going to be a famous soccer player. I know I’m bound for something great—I’m going to play for Team USA and win the World Cup. I shouldn’t need to wish for this.

He was about to throw the nickel in the fountain and wish for something stupid like world peace to make his mom happy, but he stopped. A wave of panic rushed over him. He thought, what if I’m not meant to be a famous soccer player. What if I’m no different than the other kids in my class and every kid in this mall—what if I’m not special?

He shook his head, closed his eyes, and threw the nickel into the fountain. He walked back to his seat with a smile on his face.

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